Active Standards Committees and Working Groups


Sponsors and Chairs Working Groups (Full Names) WGs (Short Names) Standards*, Projects** Chairs
(Ed Tiedemann)
Working Group on Communication Electroacoustics COM/SDB/CEA 661, 1329, 269, 269a, 1652, P269 John Bareham
RuBee COM/SDB/RuBee  1902.1 John Stevens
(Oliver Holland)
DYSPAN – Terms, Definitions and Concepts for Spectrum Management Working Group COM/DySPAN-SC/DYSPAN-1900.1WG 1900.1, 1900.1a, P1900.1 Francesco Benedetto
In-Band, Adjacent Band Interference and Coexistence Working Group COM/DySPAN-SC/DYSPAN-1900.2WG 1900.2 H Stephen Berger
Architecture and Enablers for Optimised Radio & Spectrum resource usage COM/DySPAN-SC/DYSPAN-P1900.4 1900.4, 1900.4.1, 1900.4a Masayuki Ariyoshi
Policy Language and Architectures for Managing Cognitive Radio for Dynamic Spectrum Access Applications COM/DySPAN-SC/DYSPAN-P1900.5 1900.5, 1900.5.2, P1900.5.1 Matthew Sherman
Spectrum Sensing in Advanced Radio Systems COM/DySPAN-SC/DYSPAN-P1900.6 1900.6, 1900.6Cor1, 1900.6a, P1900.6b Oliver Holland
White Space Radio COM/DySPAN-SC/DYSPAN-1900.7 1900.7 Stanislav Filin
Machine Learning for RF Spectrum Awareness in DSA and Sharing Systems COM/DySPAN-SC/MLSA P1900.8 Alex Lackpour
(Jean Philippe Faure)
Broadband Over Power Lines PHY/MAC  COM/PLC/BPLPHMAC 1901, 1901a, 1901b, P1901c Jean Philippe Faure
Flexible Optical Service Unit (OSUFlex) of Optical Transport Network (OTN) in power systems Working Group P2893 Hongzhen Yang
Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture BOG/CAG/IoT Architecture IEEE P2413.1 Oleg Logvinov
1547 Revision Working Group SASB/SCC21/1547_revwg P1547 Mamadou Diong
Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Gateway Platforms Working Group SASB/SCC21/DER GP WG IEEE P1547.10 Jithendar Anandan
(Mehmet Ulema)
Next-Generation Service Overlay Networks (NGSON) COM/NetSoft-SC/1903_WG 1903, 1903.1, 1903.2, 1903.3 Mehmet Ulema
Software-Defined Quantum Communication COM/NetSoft-SC/QuantumComm P1913 Stephen Bush
Performance for Virtualized Environments COM/NetSoft-SC/PVE P1916.1 Mohammad Asad Rehman Chaudhry
SDN based Middleware for Control and Management of Networks COM/NetSoft-SC/SDN-MCM P1930.1 Pranav Jha
Standard for Software Defined Protocol and Functional Requirements for Improvement of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) in Communications Channels COM/NetSoft-SC/SNR P1938.1 Andrew Clasen
Standard for Post-Quantum Network Security COM/SDB/QuNET WG P1943 Jonathan J. Attia
Standard for Communications Architectural Functional Framework for Smart Cities COM/NetSoft-SC/SCA P1950.1 Narendra Mangra
Standard for Smart City Component Systems Discovery and Semantic Exchange of Objectives COM/NetSoft-SC/DISCCS P1951.1 Subramanian Chidambaram
Resilient Positioning, Navigation, And Timing User Equipment COM/NetSoft-SC/INT WG P1952 Shelby Savage
Guide for the Technology and Process Framework for Planning a Smart City COM/SDB/SCTech WG P2784 N. Kishor Narang
(Jaafar Elmirghani)
GICT Emissions COM/GreenICT-SC/GICT P1922.1, P1922.2 Mohamed Cheriet
Energy Efficient Comm Hardware COM/GreenICT-SC/EECH P1923.1, P1924.1 Sara Biyabani
COM/SDB/Energy Efficient ICT COM/GreenICT-SC/EEICT P1925.1, P1926.1, P1927.1, P1928.1, P1929.1 Jaafar Elmirghani
(Oliver Holland)
Next Generation Fronthaul Interface COM/MobiNet-SC/NGFI 1914.1, 1914.3 Jinri Huang
Tactile Internet COM/MobiNet-SC/TI P1918.1, P1918.1.1 Oliver Holland
Aerial Communications and Networking Standards COM/MobiNet-SC/AerialNetworks 1920.1 Kameswara Rao Namuduri
ROOF Computing COM/MobiNet-SC/ROOF P1931.1 Syam Madanapalli
Licensed/Unlicensed Spectrum Interoperability in wireless mobile networks COM/MobiNet-SC/LUI P1932.1 Anwer Al-Dulaimi
Frugal 5G Networks COM/MobiNet-SC/FRUGAL5G P2061 Pranav Jha
Interoperable and Secure Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Infrastructure and Architecture COM/MobiNet-SC/IWLANI P2872 Sandeep Agrawal
Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications for Unmanned Aircraft Systems COM/MobiNet-SC/V2V for Unmanned P1920.2 Kameswara Rao Namuduri (Co-Sponsoring w/VTS as Lead Sponsor)
Standard for Security Assessment Framework for Internet of Things (IoT) Application Deployments COM/MobiNet-SC/IOTAF P2994 Syam Madanapalli
Standard for Self-Organizing Spectrum-Agile Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Communications COM/MobiNet-SC/SUAV P1954 Fabrizio Granelli
(Rob Fish)
Biometrics Open Protocol COM/EdgeCloud-SC/BOP 2410 Scott Streit
Standard Profiles for ISO 8583 Authentication Services COM/EdgeCloud-SC P1940 Jack Callahan
Privacy and Security Architecture for Consumer Wireless Devices COM/EdgeCloud-SC/P1912 WG P1912 Lilley Coney
Nanoscale and Molecular Communications COM/EdgeCloud-SC/NanoCom 1906.1, 1906.1.1 Stephen Bush
Fog Computing and Networking Architecture COM/EdgeCloud-SC/FOG IEEE 1934, P1934.1, P1935 Hung-Yu Wei
(Alex Gelman)
Access Networks Working Group COM/AccessCore-SC/1904_WG 1904.1, 1904.1-Con01, 1904.1-Con02, 1904.1-Con03, P1904.2, P1904.4 Glen Kramer
IEEE Standard for Meshed Tree Bridging with Loop-Free Forwarding COM/AccessCore-SC/1910 WG P1910.1 Nirmala Shenoy
Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Architectural Framework COM/AccessCore-SC/1942 WG 1942.1 Webert Montlouis
Recommended Practice for Internet Grades of Service in Rural Areas COM/AccessCore-SC/1941 WG 1941.1 Ritu Srivastava
(John Haiying Lu)
Standard of Interface Requirements and Performance Characteristics of Payload Devices in Drones Working Group COM/AerCom-SC/1937.1WG 1937.1, 1937.3, 1937.6, 1937.7, 1937.8, 1937.9 John Haiying Lu
Standard for Drone Applications Framework Working Group COM/AerCom-SC/1936.1WG 1936.1, 1936.2 Xiang Tan
Standard for a Framework for Structuring Low Altitude Airspace for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations Working Group COM/AerCom-SC/1939.1WG 1939.1 Xiaohan Liao
* Active standards, marked without the letter “P”
** Active projects, marked with the letter “P”


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