As an IEEE member society, the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) shall sponsor standards development as required to meet the needs of its membership, the IEEE at large, and the worldwide communications industry. The standards development activity shall be conducted in partnership with the IEEE-SA Standards Board, with appropriate liaison with and contributions to other standards bodies. ComSoc standards activities, including standards development and standardization programs development, shall be restricted to communications, networking, and related fields, as defined in the scope of the Society and the charters of its Technical Committees.



The scope of COM/SDB covers the entire Field of Interest of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc). The scope is inclusive of but not limited to the collective scope of the ComSoc Technical Committees, Emerging Technologies Initiatives, and Industry Communities as listed below:

Technical Committees:

  • Big Data
  • Cognitive Networks
  • Communication Theory
  • Communications & Information Security
  • Communications Quality and Reliability
  • Communications Software
  • Communications Switching & Routing
  • Communications Systems Integration & Modeling
  • Computer Communications
  • Data Storage
  • e-Health
  • Green Communications & Computing
  • Information Infrastructure & Networking
  • Internet
  • Internet of Things, Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks
  • Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Network Operations & Management
  • Optical Networking
  • Power Line Communications
  • Radio Communications
  • Satellite & Space Communications
  • Signal Processing and Computing for Communications
  • Smart Grid Communications
  • Social Networks
  • Tactile Internet
  • Transmission, Access, & Optical Systems
  • Wireless Communications

Emerging Technologies:

  • Aerial Communications
  • Backhaul/Fronthaul Networking & Communications
  • Full Duplex Communications
  • Machine Learning for Communications
  • Network Intelligence
  • Quantum Communications & Information Technology
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
  • Fog/Edge Computing and Communication

Industry Communities:

  • 5G Industry Community
  • Fog/Edge Industry Community
  • IoT Industry Community
  • Network Softwarization Industry Community