Working Groups

Active Standards Committees and Working Groups

The three Sponsors under ComSoc are:

  • ComSoc Standards Development Board (COM/SDB)
  • DySPAN Standards Committee (COM/DySPAN-SC)
  • Power Line Communication Standards Committee (COM/PLC)

COM/SDB oversees the following active Standards Committee and Working Groups:

  • 1652: Communication Electroacoustics (CEA) Working Group
  • 1911: HDBaseT 5Play Working Group
  • 1912: Privacy and Security Architecture for Consumer Wireless Devices Working Group
  • 1913: Software Defined Quantum Communications Working Group
  • 1914.1: Next Generation Fronthaul Interface Working Group
  • 1915.1: Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) Working Group
  • 1916.1: Performance for Virtualized Environments (PVE) Working Group
  • 1917.1: Reliability for Virtualized Environments (RVE) Working Group
  • 1918: Tactile Internet Working Group
  • 1920: Aerial Communications Working Group
  • 1921.1: Software-Defined Networking Bootstrapping Procedures (SDNBP) Working Group
  • 1922.1: GICT Emissions Working Group
  • 1923.1, 1924.1: Energy Efficient Communication Hardware (EECH) Working Group
  • 1930.1: SDN based Middleware for Control and Management of Networks (SDN-MCM) Working Group
  • 1931.1: ROOF Computing (ROOF) Working Group

To see all active Working Groups sponsored by DySPAN-SC or PLC-SC, please go to the respective Sponsor Web