Discussion of IEEE ComSoc Standards Development Projects, New Standardization Initiatives, Procedures, and Operational Issues.

2016-2017 Roster


Mehmet Ulema, Manhattan College

Vice Chair & Treasurer

Glen Kramer, Broadcom


Niranth Amogh, Huawei


Other Members

Brian Daly, AT&T

Jean-Philippe Faure, Panasonic

Hiroshi Harada, NICT

Oliver Holland, Kings College London

Jaafar Elmirghani, Univ. of Leeds

Jim Lansford, Qualcomm


Ex Officio Member

Rob Fish, NETovations


Alex Gelman, NETovations

Kevin Lu, Stevens

Curtis Siller, Enginnovation

Chih-Lin I, China Mobile

IEEE-SA Staff Liaison

Jonathan Goldberg

Nicholas Orlando

Standards Liaisons

ComSoc Technical Committee Standards Liaison
Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks R. Venkatesha Prasad
Cognitive Networks Mouli Chandramouli
Communications and Information Security Neeli Prasad
Communications Quality and Reliability Hideaki Yoshino
Communications Software Jaime Lloret Mauri
Communications Switching and Routing Henry Suthon
Communications Systems Integration and Modeling Harry (Charalabos) Skianis
Communication Theory Sana Sfar
Computer Communications R. Venkatesha Prasad
Data Storage Tiffany Jing Li
e-Health Hsi-Pin Ma
Green Communications and Computing Jinsong Wu
Information Infrastructure and Networking Yacine Ghamri-Doudane
Internet Periklis Chatzimisios
Multimedia Communications Ali Begen
Network Operations and Management Marcus Brunner
Optical Networking Josué Kuri
Power Line Communications Haniph Latchman
Radio Communications George Chrisikos
Satellite and Space Communications Igor Bisio
Signal Processing and Communications Electronics George Alexandropoulos
Transmission, Access, and Optical Systems Frank Effenberger
Wireless Communications Sumei Sun
ComSoc Emerging Technical Subcommittee Standards Liaison
Applications of Nanotechnologies in Communications Dilip Krishnaswamy
Autonomic Communications Spyros Denazis
Cable Networks and Services Mehmet Toy
Cloud Communications and Computing Masum Z. Hasan
Human Centric Sensing and Communications John Buford
Innovation and Standards in Information and Communication Technologies (ISICT) SM Hasan
Integrated Fiber and Wireless Technologies Steve Weinstein
Internet of Things Latif Ladid
Nano-Scale, Molecular, and Quantum Networking Andrew Eckford
Peer-to-Peer Networking John Buford
Situation Management Gabe Jakobson
Smart Grid Communications Petar Popovski
Social Networks Kwang-Cheng Chen
Vehicular Networks and Telematics Application (VNTA) T. Russell Hsing